“I honestly never knew when we joined TACO about 3 years ago, how important our TACO membership would be for us and how much of a difference that you, Ron and the entire staff at TACO truly make for parks all over the state of Texas! It is your mission to fight for our industry and speaking as “one of the little guys”, it felt great to have you in our corner when we needed you (and even when we didn’t even know we needed you)!” – Susan Evans, former Palms RV Park owner

Industry Legislation & Advocacy

One of the most important features to being a TACO member is being a part of the ongoing battles to protect RV park owners and operators. Not only does TACO have an attorney to advise TACO members on specific issues but a legislative consultant in Austin who keeps his ear to the ground at all times.

Because of our legislative efforts we have worked to abolished the "trailer tax", extended the "Theft of Services law" to include monthly agreements, clarified "the definition of an RV" so RV park owners are not included in pro-tenant manufactured laws, and worked to push school start dates back. Member dues help to fund our legislative efforts which protect the industry as a whole. As individuals this could never occur - as a team it has become a reality! Many other projects are in the works - all for the benefit of our members. Thanks to the efforts of Ron Hinkle.

Ron Hinkle began his legislative career in 1983 when he was appointed as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Texas House of Representatives and later served as Legislative Division Director for the House. Hinkle has served in various state agencies, including the Public Utility Commission, in the position of legislative liaison before becoming an independent legislative consultant. Hinkle has represented Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications and electric utilities as well as statewide travel and tourism associations and national small manufacturers.

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For specific issues we are proud to have Casey Erick on our side. Recently, a TACO member needed legal assistance regarding an eviction matter at their park. They called Casey Erick who helped greatly with their case and referred him to TACO Executive Directors Brian and Debra Schaeffer. Mr. Erick has offered his assistance where needed to TACO and its members so please feel free to call him if an issue arises.

Mr. Erick has been focused on litigation for his entire career; his practice area is concentrated on the defense against allegations of civil rights or labor violations, employment disputes, as well as tort and insurance litigation. He tries cases throughout the State of Texas and has successfully argued before the appellate courts of the state.

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